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What about mistakes?

Yes, mistakes are occasionally made. Even the best of us, the most careful and meticulous, can read or record data incorrectly. In most cases, one incorrectly noted measurement does not result in an inaccurate plan report.

Here is why,

When measurement data is collected around the perimeter of a home and used to create the plan report, the measurements are verified as the plan diagram is generated, any discrepancies will cause an error in the plan generation, prompting verification of any suspect data. Simply put, all the numbers need to add up.

On the rare exception that a discrepancy can not be corrected in the office, an associate may need to visit the home again to verify the missing or incorrect data.

We are dedicated to providing accurate area calculation and plan reports.

When necessary, the delivery of your plan report will be delayed while unresolved discrepancies are verified. We will not knowingly deliver a plan report, for which the measurement data can not be verified with confidence.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the plan report, measurements noted, or Area Calculations, please contact us Immediately. We will review the data, and when necessary, return to the home to verify any suspect measurements.

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