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What Information is Included on the As-Built Measure Report?

AS-BUILT Measure Plan Reports provide measured and noted information to assist in Remodeling and Architectural Planning and Budgeting.

Included in the Report is:

  • Statement of Square Footage for Finished and Unfinished Living Areas
  • A Basic Plan Diagram showing the Exterior walls and showing the Interior Walls and Room relationships
  • Measured and Noted Locations of fixtures and counter tops
  • Measured and Noted Locations of windows and doors 
  • Noted Measurements of exterior walls, interior walls, and spaces
  • Statement of Square Footage listing major rooms for MLS
  • Measured and Noted Locations of under roof Patios and Porches
  • Digital Photo Record of The Interior and Exterior spaces(Optional)
  • 1/8" or 1/4" Scaled Plan Reports, PDF format (DXF files Optional)


    Wall, Window, Door and Fixture details are provided to assist in Remodeling and Architectural Planning and Budgeting, furniture placement and general house attributes. Information is not intended for construction, including construction of window treatments.

    Scope of Measurement Requirements can be determined on an individual Plan Basis







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