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The Basic MLS Measure

Basic MLS Measure report

Starting at $190

Basic Home Measure and plan report, Includes exterior Walls and designation of Finished and Unfinished  Areas.

The report will Include the following;

  • Area Calculations for Finished and Unfinished Living Areas
  • A Basic Plan Diagram showing the Exterior walls (footprint)
  • Noted Measurements of exterior walls
  • Statement of Square Footage listing major rooms for MLS
  • The approximate size and location of under roof Patios, Porches and Decks

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The plan report will reflect the shape of the home, showing the exterior walls (footprint). The report will include a Statement of Square Footage listing major rooms and their size to the nearest foot, (basic MLS listing requirements). Major rooms listed on the Statement of Square Footage are noted and generally located on the footprint. The plan may also reflect the approximate size, shape and location of other attached elements such as   under roof porches, patios and decks.

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